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How To Be A Responsible Bunny Rabbit Owner

If you have just bought a bunny rabbit, there are a few things you will need to do to become a responsible owner. It is important to understand that the rabbit is dependent upon you for all of its needs and care in this world.

Deciding Where Your Bunny Is Going To Live

One of the first choices you will need to make is where will your bunny rabbit live. Is it going to be inside or out or a little bit of both? If you keep your rabbit outdoors it is going to need a strong hutch to protect them from predators and weather. Your indoor rabbit needs to be protected from chewing on wires while keeping your furniture safe from gnawing teeth.

Cleaning Up The Mess

Regardless of where you decide on placing your rabbit, you will need to develop a cleaning routine. If you keep your bunny indoors, you could litter box train it and simply change the pan on a daily basis. You also need to clean the cage on a weekly basis. You can use a disinfectant known as Vanodine, weak bleach, or vinegar to safely and thoroughly clean the rabbits cage. Your outdoor bunny will need to have its tray dumped every couple of days with a solid cleaning and scrubbing on a regular basis.


Spaying and Neutering Your Pet Bunny

Many people only think about spaying and neutering their pups and kittens. However, it is a procedure you should consider for your bunny as well. Spaying helps to prevent the possibility of uterine cancer as well as making your bunnies less aggressive. While neutering your male bunnies will help them from developing the nasty habit of marking their territory with urine. It is wise to find a vet in your area who has a comfortable working environment for rabbits.

How To Handle Your Rabbit

You do not want to accidentally harm your rabbit when you try to pick it up. Therefore, it is important to know how to handle it correctly. First, you never want to pick them up by the ears. You need to support the full body when you pick them up from the cage. Their spine is very fragile and if they begin to panic they can actually break their own back.

Use one hand to hold your rabbit still and bring your other hand up beneath them. Use your hand to scoop up their hindquarters and support their bodies in your arm. Keep them close to your body as you walk. If you worry about your bunny kicking and scratching use a towel to wrap them in when you pick them up.

How To Groom Your Bunny

Your bunny will actually take care of the majority of his grooming, but we can actually help him along to look and feel his best. Before you being trying to give your bunny a bath, let them get use to you first. You want to spend plenty of quality time and allow the trust to build up. You rabbit does not need a bath on a daily basis. In fact, you can do it twice a month or at least during molting season. You do want to trim their toenails at least every month.

Many times rabbits will get a dirty bottom, this can easily be cleaned with a warm rag. However, if it happens on a regular basis, your bunny may have other issues and may need to see a vet. Always check your rabbit's ears to ensure that they are always healthy and clean. In addition, their teeth should be white and straight.

If you happen to purchase a longhair rabbit, understand that it will need more grooming than a shorthair. If you have a breed like an angora, it needs a daily brushing. You can actually trim their coats several times a year if it gets out of hand. In fact, many will appreciate the gesture during the hotter summer months.

Rabbit farming is one of the most sustainable method of providing a high quality and protein rich meat to the family. In fact, rabbit farming can also help out a family to make a decent income or a “part time” earning. Invest needed for rabbit farming is quite small in comparison with the other types. With a small area of land in your garden and a wooden rabbit hutch or wire mesh cage, anyone can raise rabbits for meat. Besides the advantage of rabbit meat, there are many other advantages which come with rabbit farming or raising/breeding some rabbits. There are many benefits of consuming rabbit meat, in fact, they are great for pets and rabbit manure can do wonders in a garden. Read on to know more on this topic as everything related to raising rabbits are explained next:

Raising and butchering rabbits for meat 

If you are planning to raise some rabbits to fed your family, then you can start with a fairly small herd. A small herd is the better option as it will be plenty for feeding a family. Many people consider keeping many does and breed then less often while raising rabbits. But, it is highly advised to keep few numbers of does and allow them to reproduce. An average commercial type doe which are best when raising rabbits for rabbit meat can give birth to 8-10 kits per litter (4-6 litter/year is normal). The kits take about 10 weeks to become flyer size. Rabbits live on a pelleted feed with fresh water and hay. It is very important to raise rabbits in a well-ventilated, clean, safe and quite environment if you are interested in rabbit for their meat. 

The fact cannot be denied that butchering a rabbit is quite different and is not the same as cutting up chicken as most people thing. Having said that, here it also should be mentioned that cleaning and as well as butchering rabbits for meat is very easy. With the proper tools and right guidance or instruction anyone can cut up a rabbit in a matter of minutes. 

Butchered meat pen rabbit

Fryer Size Meat Pen Rabbit - Butchered
2 1/4 - 3 1/2 lbs each.

Cooking rabbit meat

There are many benefits that come with cooking rabbit meat. They are a great source of easily digestible protein (can provide more than chicken or beef). With the meat of rabbit you are also getting iron, calcium, potassium and phosphorous. Besides, the calories in this kind of meat are very low, which is another reason to cook and eat this very meat. Besides, the fat and sodium content are also low and this meat is almost free from cholesterol.

Cooking this mild flavored meat is also quite easy, and it happens to be a versatile culinary ingredient. So, this means, you can cook up this tender and white meat quickly and served it in/with salads, rice dishes, pasta and even add the meat and the bones in soups and sauces to enhance the flavor of the dish. From roasting to baking to frying, you can use any method of come up with a tasty dish with this meat.

smokey eating rabbit

Rabbit meat: Food for your pets

As discussed before, the meat of rabbit is very nutritional and thus this meat is perfect for your pets. According to BARF (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) meat diet, this meat is very much advantageous for pets like dogs, cats, birds of prey and also reptiles. This meat is especially recommended to those pets who suffer from allergies. Not only this meat will be more nutritious than packed food, they are also cheaper.


rabbit manure

Rabbit Manure for your garden

Rabbit manure for your garden 

Besides rabbit meat, there is also another great advantage of raising rabbits. For your organic garden rabbit manure is the best option to go with. It can quite well improve the soil structure, which will not only improve the poor soil in your garden but also improve the life cycle of the beneficial microorganism living in the soil. Besides this, rabbit manure has phosphorous, nitrogen, micro-nutrients, potassium, boron, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, zinc, manganese, cobalt and copper and these all are needed to fertilizer the ground well. 

The best part about rabbit manure is that you can add the manure directly on plants without any repercussion. This is a great advantage as there are few fertilizers that can provide this very advantage. Rabbit manure can be used on any plants, garden vegetables, tress, flower plants, pastures and lawns. 

Besides these, there are many other advantages that can be enjoyed by raising rabbits for their meat. 

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