From Baby Rabbits To A Full Grown Bunny, These Are Great Pets

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If you want a pet, but have limited space, a bunny may be the choice for you. Whether you start with baby rabbits or an older bunny, these animals can make great pets. Their popularity has grown in recent years, especially for apartment dwellers. They are small and very docile, making them a good choice for those who are not comfortable with a dog or a cat. As with any other pet, owning a rabbit is a responsibility and you need to know all the facts before choosing to have a rabbit as a pet.


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Owning any pet comes with tasks, but a rabbit is actually easier than many other types of small animals. There are several good reasons to choose a bunny as a pet.


First, they are perfect if you have a small living space. They are soft and fluffy, but most important do not take up much room and are usually very docile. They are also quiet which makes them a good pet for apartment living. They spend most of their time in their cage, so can be safely left on their own while you are working. It is important to note that they do need to be allowed some freedom to roam during the day, so you should allow them out when you get home at night.

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Rabbits can also be trained just like a cat to use a litter box. This may be easier if you start out with baby rabbits, but even an older bunny can be taught to go in a litter box. Be aware, though that you will need to change their litter at least daily because their urine is very strong.


It is also important that they are litter box-trained before you allow them to roam the house since their litter has a lot of calcium and can leave rings or stains if they go outside their box. Fortunately, vinegar is effective at cleaning up these urine stains, but it is really best if they know to use the litter box even if they are outside their care.


Bunnies also have a pretty easy diet. They will eat rabbit pellets, but you will need to add roughage from fresh vegetables to their daily diet. You can also provide them hay to help with their digestion, too. Your rabbit will also need chew toys or you could find yourself picking up pieces of your favorite shoes.

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As mentioned earlier, your rabbit will need room to roam and explore. You can set up a designated space for this or just let them out so they can move around freely. They will typically want to be near you, but may not like being held all the time. Unless you adopt a shelter bunny, you will probably need to get your pet spayed or neutered and vaccinated. You should find a veterinarian who specializes in rabbits.


Owning a pet rabbit can be fun and provide you companionship. Rabbits can live from 5 to 15 years, so this is a commitment, but if you are ready to make that investment, a bunny may be just right for you.  Baby Rabbits For Sale.