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Choosing The Best Bunny Rabbit Cages

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Taking care of your special pet includes giving it a proper home, a healthy diet, and lots of love. If you are not prepared for a new rabbit, life can become rather chaotic. You have to understand that your cage needs to be cleaned on a weekly basis. This helps to keep the animal clean as well as safe from various diseases and infections. At this point, you may be wondering what type of cage you should even buy. We have the best tips ahead so you can purchase the best bunny rabbit cages..

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One of the first things you will need to do is collect all the important information about your particular breed of rabbit. This is an important step, especially if you plan to keep more than one rabbit in the cage at a time. There are some breeds of rabbits that are simply more sociable than others. When you have a breed like this it is important that you create an environment that offers them a sense of community, thus a larger cage is going to be needed. Of course, there are other breeds that prefer to have more solitude. Obviously, if you purchase one of the larger breeds, you will need a large cage to properly accommodate them. The next step is to understand the size your pet will be as an adult and choose the best cage that will fit it. A good rule of thumb is to find a cage that is at least four times larger than its adult size. So, if you are planning on 4 rabbits, the cage needs to be 16 times larger. There are wonderful cages that are multi-level that promote more room for running, playing, and hopping than a traditional cage. The more space you can offer your cute bunny, the happier and healthier they will be.

 Another decision, you will need to consider is if the cage is going to be kept inside or outside. If you plan to keep your bunnies outside you are going to have to take into effect elements such as the weather and predators. If the cage is kept inside, you can opt for a smaller cage as the bunny can be let out more often. However, for bunnies being left outdoors, choose a larger cage. If the weather is going to get really bad the responsible choice is to purchase a smaller indoor cage as well. You only want to keep your bunny outdoors if the weather is permitting. It is important to understand the various materials that are used to construct your cage. It is essential that there is nothing being used that could jeopardize the health of your rabbit. If the cage uses metal or plastic wiring, you may want to consider another option that may not be as vulnerable to chewing.

Finally, it is also important to find a cage that is going to be comfortable and safe for your new bunny. Never use wire for flooring as it can be quite dangerous. It is better to have a mat or pan under your rabbits, so waste can be removed easily. Another option would be to find a cage that offers a solid base. Keep in mind that many outdoor bunny rabbit cages could contain nails in the flooring that could be a large hazard for your rabbit. If you have time, you can always litter box train your rabbit. If you plan to allow you rabbit a life outside of the cage, choose one that offers a front door or a removable roof for easier access. If the weather is nice outside, your rabbit will love some time outdoors. Just make sure you place it in a pen or are very attentive to it.