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Young Live Baby Bunny Rabbits For Sale

Cross Between Californian / New Zealand Whites

We have baby bunnies being born all the time.  Looking for Rabbit Gestation Periods?  Check out our rabbit profile page to see our Rabbit Record Keeping System.  You can track our rabbit farm breeding schedule.  We start selling our bunny rabbits at 8 weeks of age.  Add three months to the rabbits breeding date to determine available rabbits for sale.

Example:  Aquarious was bred on 8/28/2016.  Her litter of baby rabbits will be ready for sale on 11/27/2016.

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 Travel With Your Rabbit

We sell young rabbits from our farm located in Penryn California.  These rabbits are a few months old.  Each rabbit could be used for meat, as a pet or raised up to become meat rabbit breeding stock, snake food or used for falconry training.  We do not sex these rabbits so you may end up with a buck or a doe.  We do sell Breeding Stock.

You have to pick up your rabbits from our farm located in Penryn California.  Make sure you bring a transport crate.

Rabbits For Sale

rabbits for sale

meat pen rabbits for sale

live meat pen rabbits for sale


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