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Our Rabbit Farm Is A Short Drive From Sacramento CA.


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We have baby bunnies being born all the time.  Looking for Rabbit Gestation Periods?  Check out our rabbit profile page to see our Rabbit Record Keeping System.  You can track our rabbit farm breeding schedule.  We start selling our bunny rabbits at 8 weeks of age.  Add three months to the rabbits breeding date to determine available rabbits for sale.

Example:  Aquarious was bred on 8/28/2016.  Her litter of baby rabbits will be ready for sale on 11/27/2016.

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Living World Deluxe Habitat

Price:  $80.99     FREE SHIPPING

Advantek Penthouse Rabbit Hutch


Price:     $54.31

Advantek The Stilt House Rabbit Hutch

Advantek The Stilt House Rabbit Hutch

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Rabbits For Sale and More

rabbits for sale

If you are the proud owner of a rabbit and like buy it special treats as well as the latest most modern bunny supplies well this is the page for you. At Penryn Rabbit Farm we offer the latest and highest quality bunny rabbit supplies and treats. From you basic to condo cages, grooming supplies, medications, vitamins, accessories, clothes, treats etc. we have it all.

meat pen rabbits for sale

live meat pen rabbits for sale

If you do not yet own a furry friend we will help you find the closest and most experienced rabbit breeders in your area, we will inform you of rabbits for sale. All you need to do is enter your email and the information will be provided promptly. You may feel a bit concerned about taking on this new responsibility, maybe you are not sure how to care and raise a rabbit, well do not worry. We also provide excellent and proven advice on caring and raising meat rabbits and are able to answer any questions you may have on the subject.

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Another service we at Penryn Rabbit Farm offer is providing meat rabbit breeding stock. Our farm for rabbits breeding stock is located in Penryn, California and our breeds are a cross of New Zealand and Californian rabbits. Sold around four months of age or a bit older, the breeding stock can be picked up locally only at the farm.

If you are interested in meat pen rabbits breeding stock, we highly recommend you immediately join our client email list ensuring that you are immediately notified when there is stock available, we often sell out fast so join our email list now.

So if you are interested in purchasing your own furry companion, finding out where rabbits for sale or perhaps you want to upgrade your rabbits living quarters, get some new treats or ask for some advice, you can find all of this and more by simply visiting our page which is www.penrynrabbitfarm.com . We are here for all your bunny rabbit questions and needs.